Win Mugen: Random Death Voice Tool En

Mugen: Random Death Voice Tool En Cover

Random Death Voice Tool En

Very Easy to Use

This is a Speed Tutorial for the correct use of this little tool:

  1. Run The programm:
  2. Insert the total voice's number and the statedef number that You wan to create:
  3. Select the character ( DEF File only ):
  4. Make a click on Save:

At this point the software will update all the need files for you and if all goes well it will show to you a message with the Characters's Author name.
In the character's folder you will find a text file with the name group and the sound name that you have choosento be inlcuded in the SND file.

If there are same problem, example [statedef -2] not found.... the software will make a txt file as tutorial to let you update the character by yourself.

Error not found Statedef -2

Example of the txt file

When the code is updated you must only put/include your sound file ( Wave ) in to the SND file.. and finish!